hippie lemon soul fritters

Soul Solutions and the Soul patty
Ingredients for 6 patty bagQty
Soul Patty mix1 bag
Grated Carrots1 cups
Chopped green onions1/2cup
Chopped cilantro leaves1/4 cup
Lemon Zest1 ea Lemons
Cumin ground1 Tbsp.
Hummus (We used Fresh Nature Foods Classic Green Chickpea Natural Hummus)1/4 cup
Lemon wedge1 ea.
Boiling water or Vegetable stock3 3/4 cups
How to prepare and cook
1- Add the mix, lemon zest and juice of two lemons and vegetables and cumin to a large mixing bowl and mix well to coat all and eliminate any clumping.
2- When the water or (Vegetable Stock) comes to a rapid boil, add to dry mix and stir well using a stiff wooden or stainless spoon.  Mix until all dry mix is absorbed and it becomes like cookie dough
3- Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and allow to stand for a minimum of 15 minute.
4- To prepare fritters, prepare a small 2 qrt. stock pot with 3 cups of cooking oil, bring temperature of the oil up to 340 deg., carefully place small 1-2 tbsp. size pieces of the mix into the hot oil allowing it to fry until golden brown, or about 1 minute.
5- Remove the fritters from the hot oil and allow to drain well, place on a paper bag or paper towels to drain.
6- We serve these with some grated lemon zest on top, some heirloom carrots, and a green hummus for a satisfying movie snack. 

You only have one soul, treat is with respect!

The Soul Patty

The Soul Patty

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Healthy, Gluten Free, Vegan Dry Mix for creating great patties without the work in home! Gluten Free Vegan Fat Free Quick preparation Personalize your soul
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