"Tots of Soul"

Tots of Soul from Soul Solutions

That little mouth-full of potato crunch and savory crisps that as kids, our parents use to bake them, but at restaurants they would fry them, remember?  they became a personal favorite when customized with dipping sauces like mustard, ketchup, bbq sauce, ranch dip, blue cheese, hummus, guacamole, cheese sauce etc.   I have seen these used in high end restaurants for a tater tot poutine even, I mean heck, they have been used on sandwiches in place of tomatoes and lettuce.

So I ask you to take a moment and think back to your childhood, try to remember your favorite tater tot and let me know n the comments what made you get to the table.  

Shown here are the Soul Solution Tater Tots of Soul stocked with vegan parmesan cheese, hummus and a cauliflower and edamame puree.  I perfect snack in front of the TV.

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