Be open to new pairings & you may be surprised.

I often get asked from people about the Soul patty mix, "What should I put in it?"  My usual standard response is simple, "Whatever you like to eat".  I know that sometimes doesn't cut it for most, since what they are really wanting to ask is the underlying questions of;  Just give me a recipe.  With that said, I have decided to lay it out here.

This picture is of the Soul Patty mix done with the standard foundry recipe of the Soul Mix, Carrots, Cilantro, Green Onions and Boiling water, (recipe in the inspirational section of the website, along with a short video of me making it step by step).

To really make this product sing for ya, and give you the creative wheel, this is what I have done.  I roasted some pre-diced butternut squash, pan seared some chopped tuscan kale in olive oil, and added all of that to the mix with a few Washington crisp apples diced up.  I know, it sounds crazy, but trust me, you wont be able to stop eating it.  Sweet and Savory are foundations for food development, along with tart and fatty, this mix has it all.

Check out the inspirational section of the site for recipe postings weekly!

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