Developing your Soul with Soul Solutions and the Soul Patty

  • Spreading our soul

    We are spreading Soul every day, dont miss out on this one!
  • "Tots of Soul"

    That's right, I said Tots of Soul, if you are close to or from the era of the 60's you will remember tater tots.  
  • Be open to new pairings & you may be surprised.

    I often get asked from people about the Soul patty mix, "What should I put in it?"  My usual standard response is simple, "Whatever you like to ea...
  • Our Weekly Soul inspired Works

      So you crave inspiration? Or maybe just a little push to get going, well we are here for ya.  This is the latest fun Soul inspired plate.  If yo...
  • Almost ready to launch!

    Like the title say's, we are getting closer by the day!
  • Giving my Soul on a plate!

    While on a much needed and short two day vacation, I was faced with feeding 6 hungry people.  They all voted breakfast, so breakfast it was.  I mi...
  • A Start to Finish "How to" video on Making the Soul Patty

    This is the best way we could explain how to make your soul patty mix.  Stay tuned for more interesting videos of the countless other possibilities.
  • The Soul Patty Mix from Soul Solutions

    So you want to know what this is all about?  You want to eat healthy, no meat, or simply cut down on meat, but just dont have the time right?  Th...